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Welcome to the Cluster Headache Foundation.

This is an informational & educational website dedicated year round to the support of cluster headache patients, their families, friends,  supporters and the medical field with the goal of becoming a contributing research funding foundation for cluster headache as well as disabling primary headache and trigeminal/facial pain disorder research.

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The Cluster Headache Foundation is a California registered public benefit non-profit charitable organization. For more information about our mission, please visit research for our intended objectives and about for information regarding our founder.

“HOPE”… Has been a fleeting thing for all who suffer these disabling, extreme & severely painful conditions… Change is in the air…
After several years of serious preparation, planning and development to become a contributing research funding foundation for disabling primary headache, neurological and trigeminal associated pain disorders.  The Cluster Headache Foundation is now presenting a very exciting and incredibly promising Long Term “Mission of Hope” belonging to each and every patient around the world…

A mission in finding the elusive answers and making a difference, funding the research non-stop every month for years to come or as long as it takes to gain the knowledge needed and ultimately saving countless lives is the goal… Educating ourselves as well as seriously bringing out the public awareness and public education so desperately needed in order for all to understand… These are “Not Just Headaches”.  Doing it all in such an exciting and positive way that will continue to grow for generations to come…

These devastatingly painful, severe and disabling primary headache & trigeminal associated pain disorders most all with high suicide rates involved have been taking the lives of countless patients for centuries. For example Cluster Headaches aka-“Suicide Headaches” considered the most painful of all the headache disorders is one of three types of Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias  or TAC disorders with a devastating suicide rate 20 times the national average in the U.S.  Cluster Headache Syndrome is widely regarded worldwide to be “The most severe pain humans can experience” as quoted by Prof. Peter Goadsby considered one of the top specializing neurologists in the world on these severe disorders.

Trigeminal Neuralgia (a severe facial/trigeminal pain disorder) aka- “The Suicide Disease” with a very similar and severely disabling pain level. The most common and largest of these patient groups that suffer is Migraine Disease also extremely painful with all the severe and disabling variations with the brutal and extreme contributing symptoms associated. Hemicrania Continua also a severe primary headache disorder & “Primary” Thunder Clap Headache. These are just some of several severe disorders and patient groups that suffer these brutal and disabling neurological primary headache & trigeminal facial pain disorders that all desperately need research funding that has never been provided on any consistent and serious basis throughout history.

For information on all primary headache disorders see the following link to the International Headache Societies International Classifications of headache disorders or ICHD 3rd addition this is the downloadable version.

By way of this very exciting mission of hope that will raise these funds that will then be run through a reputable accounting firm then overseen by our already established medical advisory board of prominent specializing neurologists,  Dr. Robert Shapiro, Dr. Brian McGeeney & Dr. Jerome Lisk.  Dr. Shapiro & Dr. McGeeney  are two very well known specializing neurologists in headache disorders and considered two of the top neurologists in the world in this field… Dr. Lisk is a neurologist specializing in Parkinsons Disease however a long time cluster headache patient who can add that critical patient perspective to the medical advisory board and is very knowledgeable also being a medical researcher.  This group of wonderful specializing neurologists, once we get started will be designating all the funds raised to go the most promising and exciting avenues of medical research today to help find the elusive answers we all seek.

This will most likely be one of if not the largest, most aggressive and extremely exciting efforts of it’s kind ever done for any group of patients in history and will not only contribute significantly to funding the research but also impact public awareness in a huge way for all of these patient groups… It is a massive effort involving all avenues of main stream & social media as well as celebrity involvement. We have been working with literally hundreds of patients and many doctors, neurologists, scientists, organizations, heath care facilities, hospitals, research facilities etc. for several years now… Please see “Research” for more information.

Thank you all very much for taking the time to read of this very exciting and upcoming mission of hope… Change is now here.
Most Sincerely & Respectfully… John Fletcher, President/Founder